06 January 2007

Why work ?

* Work in celebration of your natural strengths, talents and gifts.
* Work to make your weaknesses irrelevant, for they are.
* Work at something you love doing, something that brings you joy.
* Work to feel the satisfaction of good hard work, of intentional effort.
* Work to break a sweat, and to get dirty and gritty and real.
* Work to fulfill your personal mission, or
* Work to show your agreement with another’s mission.
* Work to make a difference, to feel fulfilled, to “make meaning.”
* Work to serve others well, and serve your spirit for giving.
* Work to support someone you care about.
* Work to help someone you believe in.
* Work to learn what you don’t yet know, and
* Work to teach, coach, and mentor others as only you can.
* Work for a cause you feel deeply about.
* Work to leave a legacy.
* Work to create a better future.
* Work to deliver a gift to humanity.
(By Rosa Say)

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