03 March 2007

Is this Art ?


cineylens said...

er, not so sure with the garbage on the floor, but the shadow resembles something like art (?)

does this mean that garbage is the shadow of human beings? *drool* *ponder* *confused*

Anonymous said...

so beautiful.... think metaphor!

Edward said...

I love your blog ! Mind to exchange links ? Drop me a comment if you are interested


Edward said...

Hi ,
I added your site ! Check it out by searching through my blog's sidebar , and many thanks for linking to my site !

Meloncutter said...

Whoa, I am rich. I got a whole house full of art just like that.


Just need to find someone to buy it all and come over and get it.

Later Y'all

Dezmond said...

indeed it is art

Dan said...

To answer your question "Is this Art?" ... perhaps Art is trapped underneath that heap.

Art? Are you trapped under there? Art?