04 February 2007

Jay Chou - Faraway mv


Vancouver mermaid/Montreal photographer said...

I linked you now. Your blog is amusing. Please link me back if you wish.

aceone118 said...

What is this show all about? I can't catch it.

RL said...

This musicvideo is about a love story.

A worker falls in love with the lead actress. One day some foreigners saw her performance and were impressed by her . They offer to bring her overseas.

She doesn't want to leave the worker . But the worker want her to get a better life. So he accepted the offer on her behalf.
Actress give him a red hankie before she left as token of love .

The worker wore it everyday to remember her after she left. Three years later actress came back . Worker saw her as her was pulling some luggage , but he avoided her .

He accidentally dropped the luggage . The actress turned around and saw a man with red hankie which she knew was hers. She went after the man . But he has left.

Sarge Charlie said...

Thanks rl for the info, I like the sound of the music, like "Teahouse of the August Moon"

Elric said...

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