19 February 2007

Vintage Beauties


Kev Cruz said...

I feel sad when people are too poor to buy new cars! hahahah!
have a great day!

Valedon said...

Hi. Yes I would like a link exchange. I already added your link to my blog. Have a good day.

Kayliz said...

hey. yes let's exchange links. I have already added your link to my blog.

RL said...

valedon and kayliz,
I've linked back

Hangmen said...

Hi, I just linked your blog. Please add mine to yours. I'm from Malaysia BTW. Thanks.

RL said...

I've linked back.

bourbouli said...

What a beautiful classic car collection?!

There must be a whole fortune parked over there.

Amazing car artists.

Congrats for the beautiful pictures!