12 February 2007

Garfield In Perfect World

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jana said...

Hey... thanks for e-mailing and stuff. Already linked you. ^^

Anonymous said...

I wanna be a Garfield now... It's so good if all those things happen to me...

Simple Life of YP

Darin said...

OK Rl, I already add your link in my blog, please add my blog link in your blog..
thank you..

ZHP said...

Already Linked up, bro!! Have a good week. Greetings from Mexico!! :)

Sumesh said...

I am glad that comment moderation has been enabled. Now, you will see the message and you can reply soon(or so I hope).

I have quoted your 'Man and Women' article, to be published on 13th Feb. here on my blog.

Would you like a quoted article of mine? I will write on how to convert 2col to 3column article. Perhaps you could quote that.

I have also startedCSS Library, a blog dedicated to CSS. Would you like to link that as well? Right now, there is no content, but I will add plenty soon.


QueenBitch said...

LOL thats so cute! If only life were like that huh!

Marie said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I've already linked you.

Sarge Charlie said...

Garfield is cool

MADRIVER said...

Hey! I've added your link to my blog. Could you please add mine to yours? http://1-800-complain.blogspot.com

RL said...

Hi jana, zhp , sumesh
I've linked back

I need to know which country to put you in

RL said...

Marie and Madriver
I've linked back

Sumesh said...

hey RL, thanks for the link to CSS Library.
I spent quite a lot of time finding resources on CSS, time which I could have used for learning CSS. My aim is to prevent this situation for others with time in hand to just learn CSS.

As for changing link-text, I have done it.

Forgive me if I am wrong, but does My Lounge signal anything to a reader who sees just the link text? You could change it to something more descriptive.

I don't think you are a CSS master(and neither am I!), so I will write an article on changing 2col template to 3col soon. So watch out!

Also, could'nt you change the settings under 'comments' to open comments in a popup window?right now, I cannot see your homepage, because of comments page.


ChuaCH said...

is fun to watch the Garfield.

is nice.